Insurance Scholarships

Various scholarship opportunities ranging from $400 to $3,000 per academic year are awarded to Risk Management and Insurance students.

2016-17 RMI Scholarship Recipients pictured above are (l-r): Sarah Smith, Nathan Reihmer, Burke Christensen, Taelor Walker-Owens, Jeffrey Hale, Shelby Fain, Carol Jordan, Audrei Egbudin, Victoria Lowery. Not pictured: Brianna Saylor, Cory Chance, Douglas Nicely.

RMI scholarship recipients for 2016-17 are Audrei Egbudin (Bluegrass Association of Insurance Women Endowed Scholarship); Cory Chance (Northern KY Insurance Agents Scholarship Endowment and Jack Keir Scholarship); Nathan Reihmer (RIMS/CPCU Insurance Studies Fund); Victoria Lowery (George W. Clark Scholarship Fund); Douglas Nicely (George W. Clark Scholarship Fund and RIMS/CPCU Insurance Studies Fund); Brianna Saylor (The Tom Nuckles Endowed Insurance Scholarship); Shelby Fain (The Tom Nuckles Endowed Insurance Scholarship); Jeffrey Hale (RIMS/CPCU Insurance Studies Fund); Turner Curtis (Dr. Pete Kensicki Scholarship and Kentucky Farm Bureau Scholarship); Mary Taelor Walker-Owens (Bluegrass Association of Insurance Women Endowed and Kentucky Association of Counties Scholarship (KACo)); and Rachel Wallace (Peoples Insurance Scholarship/Ins. Studies Scholarship). 

Scholarships Outside the University: Sarah Smith (IIK Paper Competition, Erie Insurance, and President's CPCU The Institutes); and Brianna Saylor (IIK Paper Competition and President's CPCU The Institutes).

EKU Risk Management & Insurance Scholarships

To apply for EKU RMI scholarships, complete this Insurance Scholarship Application. For more information, contact the Risk Management & Insurance Program, 170 Business and Technology Center, (859) 622-1579.

  • Blue Grass Association of Insurance Women Endowed Scholarship
  • George W. Clark Scholarship Fund
  • Insurance Institute of Kentucky
  • Kentucky Chapter of CPCU
  • Rita T. Spillman Scholarship
  • Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance Company Scholarship
  • People’s Insurance Agency
  • Jack C. Keir Inc. Endowment Fund
  • KACo-EKU Insurance Studies Endowment Trust
  • Louisville Board of Independent Agents
  • Northern Kentucky Insurance Agents Scholarship Endowments
  • The Tom Nuckles Endowed Insurance Scholarship
  • RIMS/CPCU Insurance Studies Fund

Professional Scholarship Opportunities

These insurance organizations are committed to the success of EKU Insurance students.