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Scholarship Recipients 2020 Tristan Siglock

Picture of Tristan

The RMI scholarships have not only given me financial assistance, but they have given me the ability to explore my career. This gave me the opportunity to focus more time on my studies and to help with programs like Gamma Iota Sigma where I can help to bring students into the insurance department.

Scholarship Recipients 2020 Cristal Reyes

To me this scholarship means that I have what it takes to be an Insurance professional. Those who chose to award this scholarship to me believe I have what it takes so it makes me want to work even harder in earning my CPCU designation.

Scholarship Recipients 2020 Brianna Robinson

Picture of Brianna

These scholarships I received from the RMI program have helped me so much. Previous semesters I’ve had to take out student loans and this one I did not because of them! It’s the perfect way to start my last semester at EKU. So thank you so much!

Scholarship Recipients 2020 Tierra Monroe

Picture of Tierra

The scholarships I have received this semester provide me with the opportunity to continue attending EKU. These funds allow me to pay to live near school and for all transportation costs. I am very thankful for every scholarship the RMI program has given me and I truly believe that without them, I would be struggling to afford school-related expenses.

Scholarship Recipients 2020 Christian Vanhoose

Picture of Christian

This scholarship helps me to achieve my goal of graduating debt free! It also helps me to pursue my dream of moving to Dallas to start my career in May!

Scholarship Recipients 2020 Christopher Lenig

Picture of Christopher

I am honored to have received this scholarship. As a first-generation college student it is easy to feel out of place in the environment and wonder if I’m truly doing things right or if this is meant for me. I consider this award to be re-assurance that I am doing the right thing and that EKU is the right place for me! The award is not only re-assurance but is a great honor.

Scholarship Recipients 2020 Dallas Tuggle

Picture of Dallas

To me personally, this scholarship means I won't have to max out my loans and set myself further back financially before I am able to graduate, which is massively helpful with COVID causing me to lose my source of income. This will allow me to get ahead faster, in turn allowing me to give back more sooner than I otherwise would.

Scholarship Recipients 2020 Anna Voges

Picture of Anna

These scholarships mean that I won't have to worry about finances this semester and am able to spend my remaining time in college focused on academics and transitioning into my career. It also encourages me knowing I have so many people invested in my future and rooting for my success. 

Scholarship Recipients 2020 Jasmine Liaupsin

Picture of Jasmine

Receiving these RMI scholarships mean a lot to me because it shows all the hard work I have done throughout college has paid off. These scholarships continue to push me to keep achieving in my academic goals.

Third Annual Women Leadership Day Success

Tara Purvis - Keynote Speaker

The Third Annual Women Leadership Day, hosted by the Risk Management and Insurance Program in collaboration with Women Leaders in Insurance and Financial Services, was held on Tuesday, February 25th in the Janna P. Vice Atrium and Robert B. Rogow Auditorium at EKU’s Business and Technology Center.

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